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Influx Collectiv Community

and Performer Guidelines 

Influx Collectiv is a community organization that is created by and for the queer community. As such, we expect all audience members and performers who enter an Influx space to commit to the attached community guidelines.

Influx Collectiv's Anti-Violence and Community Accountability Models

Influx Collectiv is an organization that is community based and that prides itself on creating a space that is safe and welcoming for all genders, sexualities, races and ethnicities. If you have experienced any type of issues with any community partners, upcoming performers, staff, etc. Please let us know so that we can ensure we are in solidarity and can hopefully help with accountability. The following questions are designed to hopefully get an idea of how the folks who experienced harm would like for us to proceed. As an organization we commit to not working with individuals who have committed gender based harm, harassment, or even assaulted others in the movement. At the same time, we would like to focus on the survivors of said harm and ensure we are focusing on the modes of accountability that would help them moving forward. Please fill out this questionnaire if you have any questions or concerns about any upcoming or previous events. 

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