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Queer Experimental Writing: A Reading List

Updated: Nov 21, 2018

"You're Pressence, Most of All, A Discharge" Artwork by Fei Hernandez

From their specific location as a marginalized community, queer writers have been key contributors to the field of experimental writing—it seems that because queer stories so often disrupt the normative, these stories are particularly situated to also be told in a queer way . Here are a list of some of our favorite queer texts:



  • 100 Crushes Elisha Lim

  • Fun Home Allison Bechedel

  • Love and Rockets Series


  • Feeld Jos Charles


  • 2500 Random Things About Me Too—Matias Viegener

  • Argonauts Maggie Nelson

  • Bad Indians Deborah Miranda

  • Bluets Maggie Nelson

  • Borderlands : The New Mestiza = La Frontera Gloria Anzaldúa

  • I Remember Joe Brainard

  • I Remember Shane Allison

  • Some Animal Ely Shipley


  • Black Wave Michelle Tea

  • Gulf Dreams Emma Perez

  • Sorry To Disrupt The Peace Patty Yumi Cottrell

  • The Mixquiahuala letters Ana Castillo

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